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Didn’t know my mom kept this sweater for all of these years. She was given this sweater her first year as a teacher. Five years later, little ol’ me was born. I attended the school later on but never had a chance to receive a sweater of my own. Apparently, it was only for that year (1980; 80 is shown on the right arm) .

After going through her things, Mom decided to give me the sweater in hopes that I would keep it for years to come as she did. Rest assured, your sweater is safe with me, Mom. ^_^

Grandparents Day

Unfortunately, my grandparents on my mother and father’s side are deceased. This is the only picture that I have of my father’s parents. Never had the pleasure of meeting my grandfather (he died before my brother and I were born) but my grandmother was awesome!

Grandma Vera used to watch westerns and wrestling all the time. I used to laugh at how ruthless she was when it came to wrestling. If her favorite wrestler didn’t win, we all would hear about it. And she always had popsicles in the frig when she knew my cousins and I were coming over. I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I would’ve liked but I cherish the moments I had with her.

Love you and miss you, Grandma. And everyday will always be Grandparents Day with me.

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